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giorgio 17.03.2009 14:57

Coming to St. Petersburg from Italy for a dance!
I am a salsa passionate, arriving from Italy this friday. I do not speak a Russian word, but I will not let me be deterred, and I will go dance all the same, on the very same night, but also other nights in the week.

I would really love to go with some locals; would you like to help me, I mean, to suggest me a place, introduce me to your salsa frields at the club, maybe meet beforehands for an aperitif? On friday, or on some other night?

I am a totally-relaxed dancer; I love to dance with partners of any skill level, style, or appearance, provided they are happy with my skill level ("just intermediate") style ("everything goes") and appearance ("just me"). Salsa and bachata are my things, but I would never skip any other dance.

Please, do not let me go alone! :)

Timurito 17.03.2009 15:51

Wow, Giorgio, welcome then to Mother Russia :)) Hope you'll like it here :) Too bad I'm not anywhere close to St.Pete or Moscow, otherwise I'd love to show you around. I'm sure though that there will be enough guys (and possibly ladies) to be your salsa guides. In the meantime, I would recommend you check the following link: provided you can read Cyrillic :) Good luck with your salsa adventures in Russia!

v.radziun 18.03.2009 10:29

Hi Giorgio,

This Friday you can dance salsa in following clubs:

Salsa Loca
Lensovet Palace of Culture, 3rd floor
Kamennoostrovskiy Avenue 42
Petrogradskaya metro station
Mostly LA and NY styles of salsa

Nevskiy Avenue 105
Ploshchad Vosstaniya metro station
Mostly Cuban style of salsa

You can call me freely (my phone number is in my profile).

Alexandre 18.03.2009 15:46

I am personally going to Oxford friday night. Can meet you, show the place and introuduce to people I know

giorgio 20.03.2009 17:53

Thanks Alexandre! I will be heading for salsa loca first, but I may move to Oxford later on, if I survive (I slept three hours this night...). In this case, I will actively look around for you, so please, if you notice me first, come forward and say hello!

Hoping to see you quite soon,


Marinka 20.03.2009 20:52

Какие симпатичные итальянцы приезжают.... :rolleyes:

dlgbrdv 21.03.2009 01:36

Marinka did miss everything ))

giorgio 21.03.2009 06:07

Dear friends, before going to bed let me thank all of you for an incredible night, "Simonetta" and Victor for helping me breaking the ice at salsa loca, alexandre for suggesting to reach oxford after that, and all the members of the forum that accepted my dance invites and tolerated my limited skills. If Marinka did miss anything, there are still hopes, I think I may be around tomorrow night as well, Jane and Tatiana suggested "the sphinx", I had planned a milonga but after this night I may change my mind.

see you soon, hopefully, and спасибо!

v.radziun 21.03.2009 11:21

You are always welcome, Georgio!

Here it is a time-table of Saturday salsa-parties:

Casa Latina
Sadovaya Street 28/30
Nevskiy Prospekt or Sadovaya metro stations

Petrovskiy Fort
Finlyandsiy Avenue 4a
Ploshchad Lenina metro station

Nevskiy Avenue 118

giorgio 22.03.2009 04:49

Went to Sphinx, was a lot of fun... suggestion for the next days?

Have a good night!

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