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Sve 22.03.2009 22:05

Monday: "Revolution club" (9 p.m. - till midnight)
Nevskiy Prospekt or Sadovaya metro stations
The adress is the same as for Casa Latina (see Victor's map)

giorgio 23.03.2009 16:47

I was considering sleeping tonight, but I cannot resist a temptation, hence I guess I may come. Sve, will you be there? If you are there, and you see me, pease come and say hello!

priomino 23.03.2009 17:03

товарищи где фотки??
where are photos? can some one post them? :)

Sve 23.03.2009 17:31

I'm afraid I won't be there :( Sorry.
What day are you leaving?

giorgio 23.03.2009 18:36

I am leaving on Friday, will be free on thursday for a last salsa night (or I could go through oxford, late on wednesday...)

Priomino, I took some photos at Oxford on friday and at Sphinx on saturday, where you thinking about some of those?

Sve 23.03.2009 20:24

So, for Thursday I suggest "Etage" club (from 8.30 p.m.- till 11.30)
Petrogradskaya metro station
Aptekarskiy Avenue, 2
There will be a concert also if I'm not mistaken.
See you ;)

giorgio 26.03.2009 01:06

I will come! Will you be there? If you spot me, just come on and invite me for a dance, I LOVE being invited.

By the way, the invite to invite me extends to every lady in the forum (or not); every invitation will be accepted with a wide smile, please spread the word.

I hope to see you tonight for my last salsa night in St. Petersburg (I am leaving on thursday).

Sve 26.03.2009 18:11

I think I will :)

giorgio 27.03.2009 04:13

Dear friends, let me thank you all once more for this incredible week of salsa dancing. I forgot to thank Boris (I hope I got his name right) for the reggaeton lesson of saturday night at the sphinx. That was outrageous, a bit orgiastic, and a massive fun. Most of all, let me thank all the girls who danced with me, each one was a different experience (as always happens) but I enjoyed (a lot) each single one, and some were really magic. A special salute to Sve, whom I finally met, and I can testify she is even cuter than her avatar (which is really cute already). I will tell all my salsa friends that St Petersburg salsa community is really worth a serious visit, and I will highly praise the girls of St Petersburg, and not just for their beauty.

If you ever come to Pisa, please call me at!

Many thanks to everybody, two kisses to each girl, and до свидания!

v.radziun 30.03.2009 11:08

Giorgio, you are always welcome! :) See you in St. Petersburg! Or in Pisa ;)

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