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Default Coming to St. Petersburg from Italy for a dance!

I am a salsa passionate, arriving from Italy this friday. I do not speak a Russian word, but I will not let me be deterred, and I will go dance all the same, on the very same night, but also other nights in the week.

I would really love to go with some locals; would you like to help me, I mean, to suggest me a place, introduce me to your salsa frields at the club, maybe meet beforehands for an aperitif? On friday, or on some other night?

I am a totally-relaxed dancer; I love to dance with partners of any skill level, style, or appearance, provided they are happy with my skill level ("just intermediate") style ("everything goes") and appearance ("just me"). Salsa and bachata are my things, but I would never skip any other dance.

Please, do not let me go alone!

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